Creating a complete interactive learning experienceThe innovative Rapples solution is designed to facilitate an enhanced, one-to-one learning experience for every student.

The Indian Education System
Education in India has till now been delivered in classrooms with blackboards with the help of a  two dimensional printed “book”. Teachers instruct a large number of students of varied IQs, learning styles and interests and therefore they are burdened with a lot of paperwork. Similarly children are also burdened with unfriendly & heavy school bags. The environmental impact is also not ideal.

Heralding “Bagless Education”
Rapples is a 360 degree multi-sensory learning experience with pre-loaded textbooks delivered on a tablet. It enables an enhanced learning experience through the Rapples Ecosystem – ensuring a one-to-one learning experience for every student.

Key Benefits for students
Students will have the following advantages with Rapples:
  • Enables better visualisation and understanding through multimedia, 3-D, animation, multi-touch interactivity, etc.
  • Reduces burden of heavy backpacks and school bags
  • Enables self paced learning
  • Enriches the learning experience with interactive books & game based Apps
  • Equips the student for the “new” global way of learning