Rapples Features

A Concept with a Difference

Rapples integrates seamlessly into the school’s current system making the transition simple.

Minimally Invasive

Rapples integrates seamlessly into the school’s current system making the transition simple. Ensuring that the current way of working and teaching does not change suddenly and drastically, steps have been taken to ensure that the process of adopting Rapples is minimally invasive. This is done by the following methods:
  • By providing existing printed books used by the school as eBooks
  • Integrating existing methods of instruction and assessment onto the technology platform
  • Deploying an interactive classroom management system for the effective delivery of sessions
  • Using resources that teachers currently use like videos, lesson plans, projects etc.
  • Utilise existing infrastructure including servers, whiteboards, projectors etc.
Teacher Determined Content

Enabling schools and teachers to seamlessly integrate Rapples into their existing systems, the following has been ensured: 

  • The teachers/schools decides the content on every Rapples tablet. This means pre-loading books on the tablet, from publishers of their choice 
  • Providing free access to a repository of supplementary learning resources for teachers to use
  • Integrating existing learning resources developed by the teacher/schools
  • Providing additional resources at a fee if required
  • Continuously updating, upgrading and enhancing content
Augmenting Teachers’ Capabilities

Rapples facilitates the task of the teachers in the following ways:

  • A teacher plan – that allows teachers to organise tasks for the year
  • A schedule of activities – so he or she can schedule assessments, tests, projects and activities
  • Lesson plans – that help the teacher plan lessons in advance
  • An assessment plan – that helps teachers track students' performance level on every subject
  • Reports – that can be generated easily and quickly including progress reports, activity reports, CCE reports, teacher-wise usage reports, and class-wise reports
Technology Independent
Rapples is compatible with any platform and all devices. In addition, Rapples has tie ups with hardware suppliers to ensure single-window support. 


  • Android *
  • iOS *
  • Windows*

Student devices

  • Intel * Student tablet on Android *
  • iPad * / iPad mini *
  • Rapples tablet
  • No matter which technology students and teachers are comfortable with, Rapples adapts to it.


Guided Adoption of Technology
Rapples is implemented in schools in a manner that allows easy adoption with guidance at every step.
  • Teachers are trained in the technology with hand-holding for the entire period till teachers are totally comfortable
  • On-site full-time support for initial three months ensures smooth adoption with a go-to person for trouble-shooting if required

The Rapples Solution is adopted in three clear stages:

  1. Books for all subjects are first converted into digital books or eBooks. These eBooks are then delivered through a dedicated Tablet for each student as well as teacher.
  2. A smart classroom environment is created, through which the students and the teachers interact with the content and get familiar with the features of Rapples.
  3. An enriched LMS (Learning Management System) is integrated into the solution, to empower teachers for effective delivery smarter assessments of all students individually.

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