Rapples Implementation

Continuous Holistic Solution for Schools

The Rapples solution provides a guided approach so that the schools and teachers are trained to adapt the solution
in a seamless manner.

Tablet Allocation

Rapples tablets or the preferred hardware is allocated to students and teachers at a pre-determined cost. This tablet is pre-loaded with enriched textbooks and additional control features.

Server Installation
The Rapples team installs local servers and wifi access points in the school for the functioning of the solution. Rapples does not necessarily need internet access for its functioning.

Teacher Onboarding and Student Orientation
The Rapples team conducts onboarding sessions for teachers to enable them to use the solution in the school. Student orientation will also be conducted to help familiarise students with the solution.

Continuous Support
As a part of the solution we provide complete onsite support to the educational institution for a pre-decided duration. The Rapples Program Facilitator is a resource employed at the school who will be responsible for ensuring that any defect in the hardware provided by Rapples to the educational institution is resolved at the appropriate level to ensure smooth functioning of the solution.

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